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Gesundheit und Prävention über die Lebensspanne
earch Center Health and Prevention across the Lifespan


Welcome at the Research Center Health and Prevention across the Lifespan

The Research Center Health and Prevention across the Lifespan combines departments at the Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Sport Science as well as affiliated cooperation partners at the Medical University of Innsbruck, that focus on prevention- and health-related research.

As the overarching model of the Research Centre a bio-psycho-social model is postulated. The common theoretical base is characterized by health and prevention relevant foci to identify resilience and potential risk factors for maintaining or recovering mental and physical health in all age groups (childhood, youth, age).

The spectrum of methods used is broad and diverse: in addition to classical psychological-diagnostic, quantitative and qualitative approaches, neuroscientific, molecular biological, genetic, neurophysiological and sport physiological approaches are applied. All disciplines share research on preventive measures that enable psychological as well as physical health, prosocial behavior and humane conditions across the lifespan.

With the expertise of the different departments, we intend to achieve sustainable synergies, which contribute to the international visibility and profile building of the faculty and strengthen the scientific cooperation within the UIBK and with the Medical University of Innsbruck.

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