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Neurophysiology and Neuromechanics


Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Federolf

Ass. Prof. Maurice Mohr, PhD

Ass. Prof. Mag. Dr. Inge Werner

Auf einem Lauf
  • Basic and applied research on movement control, movement coordination, injury mechanisms, balance and postural stability 

Prevention and Health Aspects
  • Mechanisms of action of injury prevention programs, for example FIFA 11+; postural control: influencing factors; strategies of the postural control system; 

  • importance of automation (unconscious vs. conscious movement control); 

  • dual-tasking; recovery after concussions and other postural control disorders.  

  • In cooperation with university clinics: clinical gait analysis in patients (e.g. cerebral palsy), ; stroke rehabilitation.

  • In cooperation with physiotherapists: Development of test procedures for mobility and dynamic postural control (HSEBT); mobility testing in children.

Lifespan Perspective
  • Sports motor development in childhood and adolescence; 

  • prevention of sports injuries at any age; 

  • clinical movement analysis at any age; 

  • fall prevention in old age.

Externally Funded Projects
  • IN STATERA - INdividualizing STroke-posture Assessments in the Therapeutic Environment during RehAbilitation, Project Leader: Dr. Steven van Andel, Funding: European Stroke Research Foundation

  • Marker-based, KI-based and IMU-based motion tracking systems

  • Electromyography EMG

  • Electroencephalography EEG

  • own software developments, e.g. “PManalyser”  

Publication Highlights
  • Andel, S. Van; Pieper, R.; Werner, I.; Wachholz, F.; Mohr, M.; Federolf, P. (2022) Implications of Optimal Feedback Control Theory for Sport Coaching and Motor Learning : A Systematic Review. Motor Control, 26, 144–167.

  • Mohr M., Pieper R., Löffler S., Schmidt A.R., Federolf P. (2021) Sex-specific hip movement is correlated with pelvis and upper body rotation during running.  Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology – Biomechanics 9:657357.  

  • Wachholz F., Tiribello F., Promsri A., Federolf P. (2020) Should the Minimal Intervention Principle Be Considered When Investigating Dual-Tasking Effects on Postural Control? Brain Sciences, 10(1), 1.

  • Promsri A., Haid T., Federolf P., (2018) How does lower limb dominance influence postural control movements during single leg stance? Human Movement Science, 58C, 165-174.

  • Haid T., Zago M., Promsri A., Doix A.-C., Federolf P. (2019) PManalyzer: a Software Facilitating the Study of Sensorimotor Control of Whole-Body Movements. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 13: 24.

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