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Personality Psychology, Differential Psychology and Diagnostics


Univ. Prof. Dr. Marcel Zentner


Johanna Büchele, MSc MSc
Hannah Strauß, MSc
Dott.ssa Francesca Talamini
Julia Vigl, PhD

  • Personality development (e.g., early childhood predictors of psychosocial and cognitive development, temperament risk factors, poverty) 

  • Psychology of close relationships (e.g., development of close relationships over time, gender roles; gender-related cognitions, and ideal partner preferences)

  • Psychology of music (e.g., music-evoked emotions; musical ability; role of musical skills in memory and empathy; music recommender systems)

Lifespan Perspective
  • Influence of poverty on the development of executive functions in adolescence (Mauritius Child Health Project)

  • Prognostic significance of early childhood temperament risk factors for attentional, anxiety, conduct problems and school failure 

  • Trajectories of relationship and sexual satisfaction following the COVID-19 pandemic

Externally Funded Projects
  • FWF-Grant: "Humans and recommender Systems: Toward a mutual understanding" Duration: 01/09/2021-31/08/2024, Amount: 599,686.50 EUR, Website:

  • Surveys 

  • Experiments 

  • Longitudinal methods 

  • Psychophysiology 

  • Creation of tools for the assessment of temperament risk factors (ICTI), music-evoked emotions (GEMS), and musical talent (PROMS) 

Publication Highlights
  • Talamini, F., Eller, G., Vigl, J., & Zentner, M. (in press). Music-evoked emotions affect memory for emotional pictures. Scientific Reports. 

  • Vigl, J., Strauss, H., Talamini, F., & Zentner, M. (2022). Relationship satisfaction in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-national examination of situational, dispositional, and relationship factors. Plos one, 17(3), e0264511.

  • Zentner, M., Biedermann, V., Taferner, C., da Cudan, H., Möhler, E., Strauß, H., & Sevecke, K. (2021). Early detection of temperament risk factors: A comparison of clinically referred and general population children. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12, 942.

  • Zentner, M., & von Aufsess, C. (2020, online advance publication). Is being gender nonconforming distressing? It depends where you live: gender equality across 15 nations predicts how much gender nonconformity is related to self-esteem. Psychological Medicine, 1-9.  DOI: 

  • Zentner, M. (2020). Identifying child temperament risk factors from 2 to 8 years of age: validation of a brief temperament screening tool in the US, Europe, and China. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 29(5), 665-678. DOI:

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