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The Research Center

The important thing is to not stop questioning.

Curiosity has it's own reason for existing.

- Albert Einstein

The Research Center Health and Prevention across the Lifespan combines departments at the Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Sports Science that focus on prevention and health-related research.


A biopsychosocial model is postulated as the overarching model of the Research Center for Health and Prevention across the Lifespan. Common to all departments is the development of methods and research into processes that enable prosocial behavior, humane conditions, mental and physical health and resilience. Various methods from the different disciplines are used to identify risk factors and protective factors that are relevant for maintaining or restoring health in different age groups.


The research work of the research center is characterized by an interdisciplinary research approach. The coherent theoretical background is characterized by a consistent focus on health and prevention to identify resilience and potential risk factors for mental and physical health in all age groups. The range of methods used is broad and diverse: psychological, diagnostic, quantitative, qualitative, neuroscientific, neurophysiological and sport-physiological approaches are applied.


  • Doctoral College

  • Jour fixe for joint publications, projects and third-party funding applications

  • Synergy building of laboratories/resources 

  • Regular Research Days 

  • Regular Science Days

Create sustainable synergies that contribute to the international visibility and profile building of the faculty, develop concrete links to the Life and Health Science Cluster and strengthen the bridge/cooperation with the MUI.

Involved organizational units

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