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Quantitative Methods 


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Gondan-Rochon


Vanessa Kulcar, PhD

Irene Alfarone

Statistische Entwürfe
  • Representation of mental states by numbers or on qualitative measurement structures

  • Response times and accuracy as a performance measure

  • Experimental design

Prevention and Health Aspects
  • Methodological support for other specialist areas, e.g. for projects in the field of prevention and test standardization

  • Psychotherapy research

  • Evaluation of mental health interventions

  • Climate change and sustainability: climate emotions and mental health, climate-relevant behavior, and climate activism

  • Analysis of highdimensional and longitudinal data

  • Missing data, informative missingness

  • Survival data, informative censoring

  • Incomplete observations

  • Meta-Analysis with heterogeneous outcomes

  • Qualitative methods

  • Mixed methods

Publication Highlights


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