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Sports Medicine


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hecksteden Anne


Dr. Raffaele Mazzolari, PhD

Dr. Patrick Rodrigues, PhD

Brit Stepper, MSc

Patient mit Healthcare Nurse
  • Interplay of health and physical activity across the full spectrum of engagement, performance, and loading capacity - from training therapy and preventive exercise to elite sports

  • Individualization and decision support in preventive and competitive sport 

    • Understanding and optimizing individual response to exercise training 

    • Fitting exercise based and pharmaceutical prevention

    • Recovery management and injury risk mitigation in elite sports

  • Molecular aspects of training adaptation and exercise physiology

  • Gender differences in competitive sports (e.g. differences in trainability and performance capacity between cycle phases including their interindividual variability)

Life span Perspective
  • As many effects of training require long-term engagement, physical activity across the lifespan is an integral part of sports medicine. The overarching focus is individualization and decision support

Externally Funded Projects
  • I-REP Individualisierte Regeneration & Verletzungsprädiktion im Hochleistungssport.(Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft, ZMI4-070503/23-24, in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln)

  • The effect of using internal and external measures of exercise intensity to guide training prescription and monitoring on acute physiological response and chronic adaptations in healthy adults. (Tiroler Nachwuchsforscher*innenförderung, Dr. Mazzolari)

  • Physical examination and sports medical history 

  • Spiroergometry with all relevant forms of exercise (bicycle ergometer, treadmill, hand crank, field tests) and for a wide range of study participants

  • Capillary and venous blood sampling at rest and during exercise

  • Measurement of oxygen saturation in blood and tissue

  • Echocardiography and sonography (in laboratory and field)

  • Muscle biopsies

Publication Highlights
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