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Affective Neuroscience


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Carmen Morawetz


Gaia Lapodarma, PhD, MSc

Mirna Hajric, MSc

Mi Lande, MSc

  • Covering the key areas of general, biological and clinical psychology in their entirety. 

  • To elucidate the neuronal mechanisms involved in emotion processing and emotion regulation. 

  • Interaction of emotional processes and sustainable/environmentally conscious decision-making, as well as human-environment interaction and its effects on neuronal changes.

  • Promotion of emotional well-being, resilience, emotion processing and emotion control

Prevention and Health Aspects
  • Identification of measures to increase the ability to regulate emotions

  • Research into neuronal correlates of effective emotion regulation

  • Investigation of individual differences in terms of emotion processing and emotion control and links to neuronal networks

  • Prediction of craving and emotional state based on neural networks in addicted patients

Lifespan Perspective
  • Development of prevention and intervention programs to promote emotional well-being and emotion control

  • fMRI 

  • Psychophysiology 

  • Questionnaires

Publication Highlights
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